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You are the single defender of The Stalk. You must slay all the beast that fester under the soil so that your stalk may grow and flourish.
The Stalk grows with the blood of its enemies, as it feeds on their rotting corpses (which are neatly decomposed into organic compost). The Stalk will rise, mighty and firm, allowing you to gain height through soil in randomly generated levels. Use your holy sword to slash and charge into enemies, slicing and pushing them off the side of the screen for cheap arcade combat. After you have slain all of The Stalk's enemies, it shall allow you to gently touch it's surface in order to climb and slay more enemies... then more climbing... then MORE enemies... then secrets... then MORE climbing... etc.

The game features a speedrun timer, which is it's main mode, due to the lack of win or loss condition. Therefore, I announce a CONTEST!
The par time for the first 10 levels is exactly 3 minutes and 0 seconds.
For the first 3 people who manage to beat level 10, level 20 and/or level 30 in 3, 6 and/or 9 minutes respectively and post an image in the comments or send it to my e-mail: matglishev[at]gmail[dot]com ; will receive a special limited secret thingy from me. Good Luck and Happy Stalking!

Level 10:
RockhopperGames - 2m 38s

Known bugs:
- Collision System is taint
- Sometimes the vine doesn't allow you to climb
- Some unreachable enemies on high platforms from random level generation

WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement
Jump - Up Arrow Key or W
Mouse - Swing Sword
Climb Stalk - Jump at the bottom of the stalk when you see the icon
Charge - Move in a direction and point the sword at the same direction. This will allow you to move faster, reach some more difficult platforms and push enemies off screen, instantly killing them.

Cheats (Don't use them for the contest, I will know ._.):

Holding CTRL and pressing ALT will let you pass your current level, if you are stuck. It's a temporary solution, because I couldn't be bothered to fix stupid RNG...

Reviews (by some of my friends):

"What is this?" - Alexandra

"It looks nice..." - Annie

"It really looks fantastic! Are you sure you made this all today?" - Atanas



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