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Your girlfriend has been kidnapped by bandits in the futuristic city of lights - New Neon City. You are Matvei Grigorovich, an ex-hacker who lost his leg in a explosion that happened when you overheated your CPU. The new prosthetic leg has made you slower and less athletic, but it has granted you with a strong jump and the nanotechnology to transform yourself into different machines. Well, you kinda hit your toe on the leg of the table and malfunctioned the nanobots, so now you have a shitty gun in your hand.

Now questioning the laws you fought to protect to save the love of your life from bandits, trying to make a buck.

Hiding from the law and the endless horde of sentry-bots. Hacking your way through doors and security systems to the end goal. Find her, rescue her and take revenge on the bloody bandits that took her away from you.

Go through portals too. It's strange...but fun...future stuff...YEAH!

Collect VHS tapes along the way to find more about the story before the recent happenings.


All profit from the game and support go to charity, no matter the quantity.

Most of it is going to "Child's Play" and "Gaming for Good", if any.


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Neon Sky 25 MB
Neon Sky: Collectors Edition 60 MB