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"Me, Myself and The Room" is my first attempt at a so called "alt-game". The idea came out of necessity, as I was pressed for time on multiple occasions over the past 48 hours of the 37th Ludum Dare competition. To be honest, this is more of an installation or walking simulator than a game.

Controls: Use the mouse to find one of the many nodes on screen. Then press and hold the left mouse button, until the inner circle has filled and you will be transported to the next node. (i.e. point-and-click) Full-screen mode can be enabled by pressing the "F" key (although not tested on multiple or non 16:9 displays).

You can use the Escape key to exit the game at any time.

I based the narrative off of some old text documents I wrote when I was an angsty teenager, just entering puberty, although making a joke out of it all. I used to stay in my room for days, only going out for food or to the toilet. The only communication I had was between me and myself, talking to the mirror or writing on the computer. For a time, I thought I was going insane, but in the end it developed into something of a self-imposed isolation, which I look fondly of.

... but seriously - half of this is flowery poetry, based on Warhammer 40K.

Postmortem: All of the pre-rendered frames, of which this game is composed were rendered rather hastefully. I had almost a day to model, render and program the majority of what you see before you. As such, I did a fairly low-quality render, which in term developed it's own unique aesthetic for the final product.

Second of all, the code for this game is basically non-existent, outside of some basic room-switching and audio triggers. All 3D is fake. The animation in the beginning took 2.5 hours to render, in which all of the source code was written.

I threw my hat into the voice-acting ring this time, realizing that I cannot possibly pull off a better teenager voice than this. Monotone, lifeless and borderline suicidal - you'll love it. Writing and recording all of it took a few hours, along with the audio engineering aspect.

Hopefully you found it enjoyable - it is definitely not my best work, but for the time I had with it, I would call this project a success.


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