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"The Congress of Monsterdom" is a game jam game, developed for Ludum Dare 33 in the short period of two days, as per the competition's rules. This is a re-upload to itch.io from the original GitHub repo.

"What is a monster, if not part of the Great Congress of Monsterdom!"
- Valgaar, the Bloodlustful

That quote is there for a reason. The Congress of Monsterdom is the most prestigious group of monsters in the unknown universe.
You on the other hand are not prestigious at all! I even heard a lady call you cute and huggable! Not cool...
Ahem! You have been sent to the planet Earth, in order to prove your monsterdom to all congressmen!
To do that you must climb the ranks by slaying as much humans and military forces as you can possibly slay. DO YOU EVEN SLAY HUMANS, MON!?
Go out there an prove to everyone that you are worthy of The Congress!

Controls: (features in game tutorial)

Mouse = Lasers of pain and death

The Congress of Monsterdom is a game, in which you play as a monster, exiled from The Great Congress, sent to Earth to prove its worth.
Equipped with your trusty laser aye, you zap the people of Earth in order to regain health and increase your rank...
...but the Earth has noticed your presence and is not happy with all that zapping that is happening. They have sent their defences to stop you at any cost!... but of course you can zap them too...
The Congress of Monsterdom features 30 ranks, with ever increasing difficulty!
The Earth's forces will send more powerful and just more of everything they've got, so prepare your monster butt, because you'll have to fight your way to the top of The Congress' rankings and claim the title of SUPREME CONGRESSMAN OF THE CONGRESS OF MONSTERDOM (achieved at rank 30)... or just be a regular monster (achieved at rank 15)...

Sorry for no OSX or Linux versions. I didn't have time to make a good web version, and I'd prefer to not have one instead of uploading a half-finished build.
Sorry for that inconvenience.

Feedback is almost completely necessary!
Thanks for playing!

[PATCH 1] The game has been patched with some variable tweaks, including lower health, more damage from enemies and I pulled forward the introduction of new enemy types, for more variation in gameplay.
  • Less health at start
  • More damage from missiles
  • Tanks start spawning at level 7
  • Increased fire rate from enemies
[PATCH 2] Fear the Hard Mode...

[RE-UPLOAD PATCH] Please note that the HARD MODE version in a joke gone wrong. I've uploaded it for those who would like to view the game in all it's glory, but I do have to warn you about flashing screens and general epilepsy triggers. Hard Mode was made due to complaints that the original games was not difficult enough, so I jokingly made a version that was basically unbeatable with all the random number generation cranked up to eleven. The game is basically the same, but harder to see and much more annoying. Avoid it if you can. If I have the time, I will probably edit some small textures and numbers on the game, but nothing major or new - just maintenance.


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